Introduction to the Knowledge Graph API

The Google Knowledge Graph API can reveal a very small portion of an entity's information that is known by Google. Is such a limited amount of information useful? Well…maybe. Even in this limited form, the information can be useful - especially for SEO research.

Site Guide

  • Score: How relevant Google thinks this entity is to your search term. Higher numbers indicate more confidence. The numbers displayed on the site are rounded to whole numbers, although the raw API data includes much more precise numbers.
  • Description: A short description of the entity.
  • Types: The entity's object types. More information on this here.
  • URL: The official website URL of the entity, if available.
  • Knowledge Panel Preview: Preview the information box that Google sometimes displays to the right of search results. This special URL is generated using the entity's MID ([ID]). More information: here, here and here.
  • ID: The canonical Knowledge Graph ID for the entity. This is sometimes referred to as a "KG MID" or just "MID". The ID as displayed here includes the prefix (usually - always? - "KG:").
  • Detailed decription: A detailed description of the entity. At this time, these seem to always be sourced from Wikipedia. After the description, links to the source article (Wikipedia) and license are listed.
  • Image: As with the description, this appears to always be taken from Wikipedia.
  • Image (Media): Direct link to a Google-hosted copy of the image. These are usually small and heavily compressed.
  • Image (Source): The image's Wikipedia media page. Typically this will have much higher-quality versions of the image.
  • Image (License): A link to the image's license and usage information.

Further Reading